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Rainbow Loom Patterns

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Rainbow Loom Patterns
The latest craze among children at many schools is the rainbow loom. This easy to use loom allows them to fashion bracelets, toe sandals and even small bags out of colorful rubber bands. Kids use the small rubber bands and a simple plastic loom to create their magic and make something that is all their own. Each bracelet or fashionable craft item is individual, colorful and so much fun to wear.

I am excited to let my daughter try out the huge variety of rainbow loom patterns when she begins making her projects. She can create bracelets in the most popular fish tail pattern, the spiral, the heart shape, the zig zag or even a special holiday theme rainbow loom bracelet patterns.

There are lots of ways to find tutorials on these rainbow loom patterns. One of the easiest is by looking on the Internet. On various websites, I found a multitude of free directions and videos showing how to create adorable, fun bracelets, belts, bags, rings & bags in a huge variety of ways and have added them to this website. I figure I will let my daughter try out several rainbow loom bracelet patterns until she finds the one that she likes the best, and perhaps the one that is easiest for her to create on her own. While I am sure she will need a little help with the loom at first, I have no doubt that she will get the hang of it in time and start creating bracelets and other craft projects all on her own.

Rainbow Loom Bracelet Patterns

Great easy to follow Rainbow Loom bracelet patterns for making Rainbow Loom bracelets.

Rainbow Loom Sandals Patterns

Easy to follow video tutorial for making the Rainbow Loom Toe Barefoot Sandals Pattern.

Rainbow Loom Crafts Patterns

Easy to follow video tutorial for making the Rainbow Loom Pencil Cover Pattern.

Rainbow Loom Bag & Purse Patterns

Easy to follow video tutorial for making the Rainbow Loom Bag & Purse Pattern.

Rainbow Loom Ring Patterns

Easy to follow video tutorials for making Rainbow Loom Ring Patterns.

Rainbow Loom Necklace Patterns

Easy to follow video tutorials for making Rainbow Loom Necklace Patterns.

Rainbow Loom Patterns

While this will be my daughter's first venture into creating rainbow loom bracelets on her own, it will not be the first time she has worn the bracelets. Several of her friends have created bracelets for her, and they all involve different rainbow loom patterns. The bracelets really are pretty. One glows in the dark, another contains vibrant neon colors and a third contains only her school colors, she wears it on spirit day every week! Once she has her loom, I am sure my daughter will create a lot of bracelets for her friends too. She calls them friendship bracelets, and that reminds me of the woven friendship bracelets I had in school, only these are much cooler and a lot more fun to make too.

Rainbow loom bracelets and craft items certainly are going to be popular with the kids for quite some time, and I am glad my daughter will soon be able to have fun with this cute crafting tool. With the multitude of design ideas and fun rainbow loom patterns, she is only limited by her imagination when it comes to creating great crafts that are fun to wear. I think I might even enjoy making a few myself, with a little help from my very skilled and extremely talented daughter, of course!